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What is the STAND Foundation?

The Sustaining Theatre and Dance Foundation

The Sustaining Theatre and Dance Foundation (STAND) is an independent, non-profit, and public-benefit entity created by individuals within the sector to nurture, promote, and celebrate contemporary South African dance and theatre. As STAND Foundation, our aims are centered around; developing a vision for the dance and theatre ecosystems in South Africa, raising funds to support contemporary South African dance and theatre elements across various domains, managing comprehensive databases of workers within the industry, undertaking research initiatives, and building capacity through training programmes, establishing networks of supportive individuals and companies, initiating income-generating projects during challenging times, promoting critical discourse about theatre and dance practises in South Africa, engaging in advocacy efforts while fostering collaboration among stakeholders, as well as supporting initiatives aimed at securing the well-being of practitioners within the sector. 


Why Donate?

In light of the post-COVID landscape, we understand that regular subscriptions may pose challenges. Now, you can opt for a one-time donation to support our cause. For more substantial support, consider joining the STAND Foundation with a bi-annual donation of R10,000.00, payable in a lump sum or convenient installments over a year.

Your generosity profoundly impacts our mission, and any level of support is greatly appreciated in these times.


Bank: Standard Bank
Name of Account: Sustaining Theatre and Dance Foundation NPC
Account number: 10137744720

Note: South African banks use a SWIFT Code not an IBAN Code



STAND Foundation’s vision is to nurture, promote and celebrate contemporary South African dance and theatre and provide platforms for those who make their living within the sector, to do so, and affirm their creativity and human dignity.  To do this, requires partnerships throughout the whole ecosystem, including audiences.

In this regard, STAND Foundation aims to develop an extensive database of South Africans who will subscribe to the STAND Foundation for at least R100 per month (R1200 per year).  

Subscribers will receive a range of exclusive online and physical benefits such as invitations to readings of new plays, interviews with top directors and choreographers, opportunities to observe rehearsals, free or reduced-fee access to STAND projects, and so on.

STAND Foundation Project

Poetry for Human Rights

Selected poems from the Poetry for Human Rights Project.

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