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The Sustaining Theatre and Dance (STAND) Foundation is an independent, non-profit and public benefit entity created by individuals within the sector to nurture, promote and celebrate contemporary South African dance and theatre.

STAND Foundation history
The Sustaining Theatre and Dance (STAND) Foundation was established on September 1, 2020, amidst the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary intention has been to foster, support, and celebrate South African theatre and dance, as well as those who rely on these art forms for their livelihoods. STAND's mission has extended beyond the pandemic era, continuously aiming to contribute to the long-term sustenance and growth of the industry. In the three years of existence, STAND Foundation has successfully developed and implemented projects that directly confront some of the challenges in theatre and dance industries for the purposes of providing support, development and growth through education and training, innovative and celebratory arts projects, research, policy and advocacy projects.

STAND Foundation Principles

Social justice, Anti-discrimination, Diversity, Partnerships, Reciprocity, Non-partisanship, Freedom of expression, Ethical funding, Fair remuneration, Solidarity, and Sustainability.


STAND Foundation Values

Good governance, Servant leadership, Renewal, Professionalism, Integrity, Transparency, Innovation, Frugality, Respect, and Fun.


STAND Foundation Aims

Collaborate with key players, including festivals, theaters, companies, funding agencies, and practitioners, to shape a visionary dance and theatre ecosystem in South Africa. Secure funding independently and provide support across all aspects of contemporary South African dance and theatre, encompassing research, education, training, creation, production, distribution, touring, archiving, and documentation. Maintain a comprehensive database of industry professionals, ensuring a connected community. Undertake and share research to inform and fortify the development and sustainability of dance and theatre. Contribute to capacity building in critical areas such as leadership, arts management, journalism, creative and technical skills, education, and entrepreneurship.


STAND Foundation Projects

Some of the key projects that have been actualised have focused on education and training which include; our winter/summer schools, leadership courses, financial wellness for artists webinars, cultural policy and advocacy webinars. Other innovative and celebratory projects the STAND Foundation has implemented include; Jomba! Choreographic Mentorships, Bafana Republic Satirical Writing Competition, Women’s Stand-Up Comedy, Poetry for Human Rights, and so forth. We also prioritise research and advocacy, here are some of the projects we have implemented or contributed on to drive this focus; the Western Cape Community Arts Research Report, and the Breathing New Vision into the Theatre and Dance in South Africa.


STAND Foundation's Need For Support

It is important to acknowledge that availability of resources is a factor that continues to challenge us in our efforts to support and uplift the theatre and dance sector in South Africa. Therefore, your patronage will empower the STAND Foundation to continue to contribute towards supporting the theatre and dance sector in a meaningful and impactful way.


How to get in touch with the STAND Foundation?

To contact STAND, send an email to ntombi@standfoundation.org.za


Lakin Morgan-Baatjies

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