The Rehabilitation of the Nyanga Arts Development Centre

The Nyanga Arts Development Centre (NADC) has been a cornerstone in promoting arts and culture in Nyanga, Cape Town, and the Western Cape for the past 41 years. Through its training programs, performances, exhibitions, outreach, and collaborative projects, NADC has significantly contributed to the local cultural landscape.

Despite its challenges, including the 1996 local election conflicts that led to the demolition of its facilities, the NADC was resiliently rebuilt in 2000. The reconstruction utilized recycled materials from the original structures, with innovative design and execution led by Swiss architect Clive Hildering and funding from Pro Helvetia. This effort has allowed the centre to thrive, attracting foreign artists, exchange programs, and outreach projects, making it a historical and cultural landmark in the townships and a notable tourist attraction.

However, the Nyanga Arts Development Centre is now in a state of significant disrepair. Funds for necessary renovations have been secured by the National Government, with the STAND Foundation appointed as the implementing agent.

Interested parties are invited to submit tenders for the rehabilitation of the NADC building. Detailed specifications are available in the Tender Specification Document.

Submission Details:

  • Tender Box Location: Reception, Department of Protea Assurance Building, 7th Floor, Greenmarket Square, Cape Town.

For further details and to access the Specification Report, please CLICK HERE.

For further information regarding this project, contact David Cornelson david@standfoundation.org.za

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