Take-a-STAND Dialogues

Professional theatremakers and dancers were hard hit by the Covid pandemic which not only cost them income but a sense of community. The Take-a-STAND Dialogues aim to reinvigorate this community with a gathering based on the model of literary festivals. The Take-a-STAND panel discussions will feature a diversity of voices from the dance and theatre sector on various challenges and social issues in the performing arts.

The event is presented by the SU Woordfees and STAND (Sustaining Theatre and Dance) Foundation over the weekend of 19-21 February in Stellenbosch. The gathering is made possible by the generous support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and NATi. 

Each panel discussion will run for 60 minutes and will include up to four panellists. The panels will be conversational and guided by facilitators. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

The Take-a-STAND Dialogues will take place at 44 Ryneveld – both the name and address of a newly renovated venue in Stellenbosch. 

Each session will be ticketed and will accommodate up to 50 people, observing Covid-19 protocols. All sessions will be livestreamed, and the event is open to the general public.

Tickets for attendance at 44 Ryneveld will cost R60 per session, R150 for a whole day and R250 for the whole weekend.

Livestream sessions will cost R20 per session and R150 for the whole weekend. International guests will pay $5 per session or $30 for the whole weekend.

Tickets are available through Quicket. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.

A wide variety of themes around the current state of the performing arts and prospects for the future will be discussed during the weekend.

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